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Danish-based rock band

Violmace is a fusion of 5 musicians with different genre background reaching through 6 decades of music from the 60’ies. Combining the rough and destructive from the mace with the soft and sensitive from the viol, telling stories which resonant deep within our soul and heart.

The band is composing the music and lyrics together.

Violmace has fused different genre into a new category, which they have chosen to call Steampunk rock, mixing history and fantasy. Steampunk rock takes the nostalgia from the past and the dreams of the future, fusion female and masculine energy into a new expression. Violmace is the fusion of Classic rock from Gun’s & Roses, Melodic rock & pop Bands like Cold Play & U2 mixed up with Grunge music like Pearl Jam & Stone Temple Pilots. But most of all Violmace is their own genre of music.

Violmace was founded in 2009 and they have played alot of concerts in the Copenhagen area( Denmark ) where they have built a broad number of loyal fans. When attending a Violmace concert nothing is compromised regarding quality and performance.

The music of Violmace is a unique and intense experience which can be enjoyed at all types of occasion depending on your mood and spirit. No matter what  – it will get you on an exciting journey where  only your own imagination sets the limit.

Music producer: Jan Langhoff

Jan Langhoff has arranged, produced and co-written. Jan Langhoff is known for producing Aqua and Me and My.

Music producer and Sound engineer: Flemming Rasmussen

Flemming Rasmussen has co-produced and mixed the music. Flemming Rasmussen is known from Metallica.


Jarl has been the lead singer in (Chineese letterbox) in 2000. Since then, Jakobsen Band / Jakobsen / Jakobsen & Sjakket / trio / Walther & Jakobsen.
He has a voice that you can feel in your bones and he sings directly from the soul.

The drummer goes by the name Tarzan, and he started banking on wood with spoons in kindergarten. Peter learned to play through the local youth club and formed his first band together with is brother who played the guitar. The appetite for experimenting and playing more than the same 6 numbers made Peter attend an audition at Violmace.

Nickie was forced to attend guitar lessons at a young age, but the music repertoire didn’t agree with him so he decided to teach himself by playing Guns n’ Roses and Metallica. His mother was very pleased with his progression and didn’t realized the teacher had nothing to do with Nickies playing until she called the teacher to thank him.
At 15 he formed a rock band with his cousin, and for the next 15 years he toured the country playing on the local scenes. But the need to be a part of a creative band making their own music increased during the years and eventually brought Nickie to Violmace, where he could apply his own twists and playing style to the music.

The guitarist in Violmace goes by the name Mads Klinge or just ” Klingen”. Born in Copenhagen even though he was matured musically in Esbjerg and at Ollerup Efterskole. Mads have been a common face in the musical scene in the city of Esbjerg, where he did not only study music, but also played in bands such as Anxiety and Luna.

Playing his Fender bass and also in charge of the bands “demo” music production. He has been with the band from the beginning. Michael also uses his spare time on music-production and has alongside the Violmace music also produced a lot of “meditation” cd’s.


Concert: Violmace has been picked out by Tak Rock! along with 6 other bands (out of more than 100) to perform before the official opening of the Royal Arena. They will be playing at 19 o’clock at the Ørestad Metro Station/Royal Arena and play a set of approx. 50 minutes. Violmace are very proud to play this concert and hopefully this will result in their heroes D-A-D and Dizzy Mizz Lizzy having a great and excited audience for their show.

New Album: The greatest news of the year by Violmace! We are proud and honored to tell everybody that this march we will release our new album “The Beast Within”! It will be published through Sweet Silence Music and the exact date will be announced soon.

RECOMMENDATION: The danish national radio “DR” has recommended two of our songs on KarriereKanonen. Check out the status which contains the playlist of the week if you want to see which two it is! 😉 Thanks a lot to DR for the recognition! Go to DR CLICK HERE

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